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The free evaluation is without obligation for the customer and will be sent directly by email, possibly within the following 48 hours – compatibly with the requests received and will take into account:

  • certain prices of comparable properties (properties sold in the area of similar characteristics);
  • the expected market trend;
  • of competing properties present on the local market and advertised for sale on the main property portals, the asking price of which is however known, not already the actual sale price and whose dimensional data are not always precise; however, these values are an essential element for the correct positioning of the property in the market;
  • the sensitivity and experience of our sellers and consultants.

It is important to specify that the evaluation judgment that we will send always constitutes a forecast of the future and therefore a hypothesis of the probable market price that can be achieved, after an adequate period of promotion and publicity.

The proposed evaluation is however indicative and may undergo successive increases or decreases, in relation to the following 10 factors:

  • Presence of particular value factors or appreciation factors;
  • Particular and favorable exposures, equipment of appurtenances, and young age of the property;
  • Expenses necessary and specifically related to the property;
  • Penalized views – absence of equipment or appliances;
  • Specific and particular locations;
  • General building care – correct management and maintenance;
  • Forecast condominium works, plant or structural problems;
  • Condominium lawsuits, significant arrears, disputes, harassing co-owners;
  • Penalty for access, electromagnetic, acoustic or atmospheric pollution, contiguity to noisy activities or with the introduction of fumes and odors;
  • Particular difficulties for the construction of elevators, where they are absent.