Use Of The Rooms In The Purchase

They are always included in the sale and in the agreed price:

  • Floors and their decorations, coverings and baseboards;
  • Suspended ceilings of all kinds, mezzanines, railings, columns, steps and decorations, of all kinds unless expressly excluded;
  • Fireplaces, stoves, ovens and their accessories;
  • Doors in wood, panels of compartments, panels of fireplaces and ovens and their accessories where present;
  • Window frames and verandas, doors, glass, windows, handles and windows of all kinds as well as their accessories unless expressly excluded;
  • Armored doors, keys, remote controls for doors or gates;
  • Colored glass or stained glass inserted inside doors and windows;
  • Shutters or shutters, gates, their functional and / or decorative components;
  • Electrical systems, switchboards, sockets and switches, recessed emergency lights, even if removable, step lights and potentiometers;
  • Recessed spotlights of all types and sizes;
  • Applique and external lamps or placed on balconies, terraces and gardens;
  • Service sinks and their components, also places ancillary rooms or appurtenances for fixed drying racks, support hooks;
  • Shelves present in ancillary rooms as well as in garages and cellars – unless expressly excluded;
  • Fireplaces, heating and air conditioning systems and their components, boilers, radiators,
  • Convectors, Solar Panels and service equipment unless expressly excluded;
  • Complete water systems, irrigation systems where present;
  • Thermostats, switches, zone controllers;
  • Systems and TVs, antenna sockets, antennas and parables;
  • Audio and alarm systems where present;
  • Walled or glass shelves, wooden or plasterboard shelves;
  • Awnings, gazebos, pergolas, wells, – unless expressly excluded;
  • Fitted and built-in wardrobes by carpenter – if the removal involves the presentation of a raw or unfinished compartment;
  • Wall cabinets shaped measured or inclined;
  • Recessed safes where present and not expressly excluded (any removal of the safe involves the obligation to close the compartment and restore the aesthetic uniformity of the wall);
  • Waste material and flooring for reintegration – where available (residues of floors, coverings and finishes);
  • Masonry kitchens where not expressly excluded;
  • Upholstery, paintings and frescoes or decorations where present;
  • Bathroom complete with all sanitary facilities;
  • Bathroom mirror if recessed or if its removal causes damage to the tile support;
  • Towel holder and bathroom soap dish if fixed to the wall with special screws;
  • Bathroom sink cabinet for built-in or semi-recessed installation – where not expressly excluded (any removal entails the obligation to replace the washbasin with another pedestal washbasin of the same series as the existing sanitary ware and similar taps);
  • External vases and external elements, also removable if these are aesthetically uniform to those present in the rest of the building;

The following are excluded from the sale and outside the agreed price:

  • Indoor chandeliers and appliques where not expressly included;
  • Kitchen furniture, appliances, kitchen sinks and their components;
  • Furniture in general, tables, chairs, living rooms, day furniture, bedrooms, bookcases, furnishings, rugs, paintings, vases and plants, furnishings of all kinds unless expressly included;
  • TV and radio apparatus;
  • Outdoor furniture (tables and chairs) where not expressly included;
  • Internal curtains, curtain holders and valances where not expressly included.
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