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Deferred purchase

Deferred or installment purchase is having significant spread because it can prevent the use of credit, with large saving on cliente soddisfattointerests.
The Parties directly sign a preliminary and subsequent act of sale with several possible alternatives:
1) Sale with installment payment at fixed dates and with agreement of reservation of ownership in accordance with article. 1523 of the Civil Code;
2) Sale with installment payment at fixed dates without retention of ownership but with registration of legal mortgage in favor of the seller to guarantee the payment of the price;
3) Sale with installment payment at fixed dates to be made at the time with the same type of mortgage bills; all the effects pay for the stamp duty.
All contracts above can be optionally backed by additional guarantees such as a personal or bank security if they are released.
The sale with agreement of retention of ownership, normed by the article 1523 of the Civil Code, provides that the acquisition of the the right of property is subject to a suspensive condition, namely the payment of the price is to be agreed by the parties.
This last case deserves special consideration in relation to advantages for the parties:
- Act with immediate guarantee for the seller, who retains the right of ownership until after the full payment of the agreed price;
- Fiscal convenience, given the fact that a wide extension of the price, comparable to the value of a rental fee, can be offered, without the imposition connected to a normal lease;
- Possibility to include termination clauses.