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Change of use

Change of intended use
For the enterprise or the investor of large buildings, it is essential to know whether it is possible, to get the change of intended use depending on the estate's best economic use.
Thus it is always possible to ask the the Municipality of reference to issue a "preliminary opinion" in written form, based on a rough draft. Even if that opinion is not binding for the administration, it constitutes a strong indication useful for programming of the operation.
It has to be noted that any intended use has a specific attribution of the category and class - not only from a point of cadastral register. Regional laws and municipal city planning instruments make a detailed list: the transition from one to the other should be checked from case to case. It may often be possible to restore or document past intended uses, to which the estate has already been destined in the past. In this sense archival research (Chambers of Commerce - Register of Companies, Annona office, Commerce of Commons, deeds of origin, the State Archives) can be useful.
From a normative point of view and jurisprudential we can distinguish three situations:
1. Change the destination of use without building works - also called functional change. It is a simple change of use according to the needs of a new activity;
2. Change of destination with building works - justified as maintenance or restructuring and that would not affect the urban load;
3. Change of destination with building works affecting the urban load - for which - depending on the case - may be necessary to obtain the construction permit or the approval of a recovery plan.